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Episode 37:  whatsoundsawesome.com


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Today we are introducing you to all of the great podcasts from The Sounds Awesome Network. You are listening to this because you are a fan of one of our shows and we think you should be a fan of all of these shows. Great people make great podcasts, so we would like to introduce you to a few…


The Be Brave Podcast
w/Cara & Patty


Welcome to The Be Brave Podcast where ordinary, badass, brave women speak their stories of courage and strength.  We hope that by hearing the struggles and successes of women, just like you, it will help you BE BRAVE! 


A good first episode: 
Episode #33 – Born in the Wrong Body and Deciding to Transition at age 60 – Dr. Paula Stone Williams


That Fitness Couple
w/Mike & Corrie-Beth


In each episode of That Fitness Couple, they share the lessons they’ve learned on the way to achieving healthy hormonal balance, high energy, mental clarity, peace, and a lean, strong body. They are also joined by top professionals and experts in these areas to help you connect the dots in your own journey.


A good first episode: 
Episode #53 – How to Live a Fulfilled Life w/ Dr. Bryan Williams

➡️ PURE PHYSIQUE WEBSITE: https://purephysique.com 
➡️ IG:  Corrie-Beth | Mike | PURE PHYSIQUE
➡️ Corrie-Beth’s Tik Tok: @corriebeth.lipowski 


Truth Not Trends w/ Liam & Jesse


Truth Not Trends, a science based fitness show hosted by two great strength trainers, Liam Bauer has been in the game for over 30 years and Jesse Schmidt has been dedicated to the process for over 3 years. They have wonderful relevant talks and interview an array of professionals offering all angles of evidence based fitness, strength, nutritional information.


A good first episode: 
Episode #90 – 10 Things You MUST KNOW About Strength Training


Thank The Light: A Wheel of Time Podcast
w/Fatty, Jeremy & Desmond


The Amazon show, The Wheel of Time, based on the Robert Jordan novels. Justin and Jeremy are a long time fans of the series and Desmond is new to the universe. Together we bring a well rounded experience to the series and just have a good time along the way. 


A good first episode: 
Season 1 Episode #38 #wotfanedit

Fan Edit of Season One


Time Pop: The Time Travel Movie Podcast
w/Ari, Scott & Desmond


Ariele, Scott, and Desmond discuss a different Time Travel movie each episode and how the time travel device and mechanics wreak havoc on universal ethics. 


A good first episode: 
Season 3 Episode #22 Top Ten Time Travel Movies

Time Pop Top 10 Time Travel Movies List


All The Answers
w/Katie & Cassidy


This is an amazing Spirituality discussion hosted by two awesome actors/comedians/smart people, Released Every Saturday. They chat, they joke, they answer all the questions. The record keepers have answers. Who are the record keepers? You’ll have to listen to find out.


A good first episode: 
#77 Space Tampons
#15 Demon Breath

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