Her Family Wanted To Keep Her In A State Of Disability – Episode 34

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At the young age of 4 years old, Amber Weir was told she would be blind by the time she was 13. Her family seemed to have some kind of secondary gain to Amber’s disability.


Unable to ask questions or get the help she would need to be prepared for this horrible fate, Amber was left to advocate for herself at a very young age.  


When she reached the dreaded age of 13, she started to ask some tough questions. It was then she learned her true fate.

Hear her full story here.


Amber Weir is an author, massage therapist and wife.  She wants to make the world a better place. Her email is arosein92@gmail.com


You can learn more about Amber and her books, Kaleidoscope Eyes, a semi autobiography, and Silver Linings, A Collection of Edifying Poetry at Aroseweir for Facebook and Instagram or www.aroseweir.com.

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