Born in the Wrong Body and Deciding to Transition at age 60 – Dr. Paula Stone Williams Episode 33

Paul Williams was raised in a very devoted evangelical home.  At the age of 4, he knew he was born in a body that was not the correct gender, a condition called gender dysphoria.  


Paul devoted his career and life to evangelical Christianity and by 1977 reached a high level with Orchard Group, where he raised funds and started new churches. Eventually, he became CEO of the “church-planting” organization. 


At age 60 Paul made the decision to transition from a man to a woman.  If he didn’t, he was afraid he might not “make it”.


In this podcast episode, learn how Paula found her way and shared her decision with her church, wife and children only to learn that the church she dedicated her life to would expel her.  


Gender Dysphoria is a psychological diagnosis affecting as few as three of every 10,000 males and one of every 30,000 females. Outside of the psychological community, most people do not know much about it. Paula goes into some of the research, science, and theories behind the causation of being a transgender human.  


Paula now works with her former wife as a psychotherapist and is a pastor at Left Hand Church in Colorado, a church she co-founded. 


Paula is now on the international speaking circuit and a highly sought out Ted Talk Coach.  Please enjoy the brave story of Dr. Paula Stone Williams HereYou can also find her on Ted with over 9 million downloads as well as at


A relevant story can be found in Episode 4:  Interview with Trish who talks about her Father’s Struggle with his Sexual Identity. You can find that podcast here

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