A Female Engineer from Cuba Found Freedom (Via Venezuela) In the USA – Episode 32

We are excited to have Jovana Fernandez de Castro, share her story of how she overcame growing up in Communism as a child laborer. 

In this 32nd episode of the Be Brave Podcast, you will learn how Jovana’s pursuit for a free life led her to quit her government job and flee to Venezuela only to land in another soon to be communist country. 

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Cuban native Jovana was forced as a child to live in a work camp and be apart from her family, not seeing her family 6 out of 7 days every week. 

She described the showers as the kind you would find in a prison.  The only water available on the working farm was from the irrigation ditches.  

Jovana wanted more for her future and pivoted away from the other children’s behavior of play during free time and started studying instead.  

She earned a degree as a Structural Engineer and received a good government job but had to agree and integrate into the Young Communist Organization in order to do so.

She escaped to Venezuela, but when she saw the rise of communism there, she fled to the USA, where she now lives a free life as an entrepreneur. 

Jovana lives in Sarasota Florida with her beautiful family and runs D & J Roofing and Construction with her husband.  

You could learn more about Jovana’s roofing company, D & J Roofing and Construction Inc., and get in touch with her at https://djroofingconstruction.com/

Be sure to listen all the way to the end to hear Jovana’s best advice. And then share it with someone struggling!

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