Listen to Your Intuition to Get What You Really Need – Episode 31

Sabita is a Holistic Health Counselor with a passion to bring integrative health in a friendly, nurturing and private atmosphere that allow people to feel good and get better fast. 


As a young woman, she suffered from endometriosis and struggled to get answers from her doctors about her health.  Since then, she has been diagnosed with 3 different types of cancer. She has made it her mission to empower women to be their own health advocates by introducing the women’s empowerment super hero Uterisa.


In this Be Brave Podcast episode, you will learn how Sabita went from suffering physically and emotionally and as her doctors would say, “complaining” for 25 years, to helping herself and others thrive.  “There was something wrong with me, that just did not feel right.”


Click here to listen to the podcast and learn how she went from needing to be healed to being a healer herself.


If you want to check out Sabita’s website and learn more about her and Uterisa, go to She is located in Southport, CT


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