She Trusted to Walk In Her Own Talk – Episode #30

We are excited to release our first podcast of 2023!  Happy New Year to You!

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We are excited to have Dr. Gayle Dharma on this Be Brave podcast episode. Dr. Gayle has her PhD and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. 

Dr. Gayle’s journey has been anything but a straight line. She was a young, divorced single mom at 25. Then, at age 26, she was diagnosed with cancer. 

She was determined to be healthy, independent and free.  She had major surgery, and began her healing journey.

Taking care of her children, working and paying the bills was what she did.   On food stamps and with the help of student loans, she went to college. It was there she started asking herself, ‘why she was having certain experiences and feeling stuck in a story?’  Answering this question led her to her PhD!

Now, Dr. Gayle coaches others, and practices herself, how to strengthen (in the brain gym) our habit of being present. She shares how to create the head-and-heart connection, and hold it, with compassion, breath, truth, and no judgement.


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