Episode 23: Interview with Kathy about losing her husband after 39 years of marriage.

Kathy Perry lost her husband suddenly after 39 years of marriage.  Following the initial shock of the tragedy, one of the things that became apparent was her new identity.  She could no longer think in terms of “we” (her and her husband).  She was now “me”.  Kathy shares her story about that transformation.   She used many tools that helped her heal and realize that we all have our own journeys in this life.  Her husband had his own journey that ended when it did, regardless of any life-saving efforts or whether or not anyone else was ready.  She now lives each day making a conscious effort to focus on her journey.


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This is a picture Kathy uses to market her social media business by saying “Putting my Super Powers to Work for You!”  

We love this picture and want to share it with all of you as a reminder to channel the super hero inside of you when difficult times arise.

If you’d like more information about Kathy, check out her website www.kathyperry.com. She can also be reached at kathy@kathyperry.com and 813-789-9580.

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